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Mar 24, 2020 | News

At a time when other businesses are shutting their doors and standing down employees, the disability support and aged care industries are ready to welcome these workers.

Non-profit disability provider Cara says it welcomes new staff from a range of industries as it needs more staff and it needs them now.

“Cara cannot and will not close during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not an option. We are expanding our workforce during this time,” Cara Chief Executive Liz Cohen says. 

“We support some of the state’s most vulnerable people with disabilities who rely on us for everyday support – anything from personal care, day-to-day living, right up to emotional support and mental health support.

“We have to keep operating and we’re ready for new staff to join us immediately in the coming months. Whether you stay with us for a short time or you start a new career with Cara, we need you.”

Some jobseekers, like School Support Officers (SSOs) or child care workers, will have obviously transferable skills., Other candidates will bring their own skill set which is valuable in its own way.

“To the people from the airline and hospitality industry, you have highly valued people skills. As soon as you have the relevant regulatory clearances to work with children and vulnerable adults, we’ll train you to work alongside our customers with disability to give them that incredible support.

“In times like this, it’s more important than ever that Cara’s customers have staff on whom they can rely. If you’re ready to make a step into one of the most rewarding careers there is, contact Cara today. You can see all our vacancies and apply online at”

Cara staff have been provided with extra training around infection prevention and the organisation has ample stocks of hygiene products like hand sanitiser, soap and personal protective equipment.

Cara has a Pandemic Response Plan in place with a long-term strategy to support its customers, especially those who are most vulnerable, to ensure they thrive during times of social distancing and self-isolation. Also, any staff who join Cara as permanent part-time or full-time staff will have immediate access to paid special leave should they need to self-isolate or become sick with COVID-19, Ms Cohen says. 

Cara support worker Penny Babaniotis, 24, says she welcomes new staff with diverse backgrounds to join her at Cara. 

“It’s amazing and fulfilling work, perfect for people who are interested in working with people,” Ms Babaniotis says.

“It’s pretty cool, too, because I work with a couple of women in their 20s like me, we really reminisce about things we watched on TV when we were children, we listen to music, joke about songs and it’s super fun, I love that.

“I get to work with customers doing community stuff, personal care – including some pretty vibrant hair-dye, from time to time, Emma loves it! – as well as support with cooking, independence and stuff like that.  

“We all bring something different to the table and it’s awesome to be able to connect. My customers are super-fashionable, too – everyone has their own style and I love how on-trend they are with their clothes and hair.”

Jobseekers can see all Cara’s vacancies and apply online at

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