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Oct 31, 2022 | News

Are you a person with disability looking for a support provider to empower you to be more independent in your own home? Or, maybe you’re looking for a place for a short stay away from your regular home? Cara can help!

Cara is a leading provider of Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Short-Term Accommodation (STA) in South Australia. We currently have vacancies in both SIL and STA across South Australia, and we are available to work alongside you and your family to transition into these supports

Supported Independent Living

A place to call home

Moving out of the family home is a part of the transition in to adulthood for anyone.

Through Supported Independent Living with Cara, people with disability can take this important step to increased independence, with access to 24/7 support to help with daily tasks and building skills.

SIL is staffed by professional and qualified staff, all dedicated and truly passionate about ensuring that people with disability are able to live the way they choose. SIL support is tailored to the needs of each individual customer. Staff provide support in areas such as:

  • Daily life tasks – including cooking and cleaning
  • Community connections
  • Family, relationships and friendships
  • Personal care
  • Health, medication and mealtime supports
  • Independent living skills

Where are Cara’s vacancies in Supported Independent Living?

Cara is connected with a large number of community housing associations and private landlords who provide a range of affordable housing options for Cara to offer the in-home supports needed to live independently.

Cara currently has a number of vacancies available throughout Adelaide and South Australia. Your place to call home could be a traditional share house with housemates, an independent unit, or an apartment. We are committed to working with you to match you to the right home to suit your needs. 

Check out some of our current SIL vacancies

Short-Term Accommodation

A short stay away

What is Short-Term Accommodation?

Short-Term Accommodation Stays (previously known as respite) are short trips away from your regular home to assist you to develop your independence and learn new skills. Customers who stay in Cara’s STA Stays have their own private bedroom with shared bathrooms and living spaces with those staying in STA at the same time. There are also outdoor spaces to relax, participate in group activities, social outings and chat with other customers and Cara staff.

Importantly, STA is staffed by professional, caring and passionate support workers.Support Workers are trained to support people with disability, including high health needs. They get to know everyone who stays in STA, their needs and interests, what they enjoy doing for fun and what they don’t, so that they can have a great time while staying with Cara.  

Staying in STA provides an opportunity for people with disability to increase their independence, grow in confidence, enjoy new experiences and meet other like-minded people.

Short-Term Accommodation can provide a stepping stone to Supported Independent Living. Many of Cara’s Supported Independent Living customers started their journey with Cara in Short-Term Accommodation.

Where are Cara’s vacancies in Short-Term Accommodation?

Cara’s Short-Term Accommodation homes are located throughout South Australia, in metropolitan and regional parts of the state. There is also Farm Stay, Cara’s fully accessible purpose-built rural retreat in the Adelaide Hills.

At Farm Stay, you can listen to the birds, pat the friendly animals who call Farm Stay home, and enjoy Cara’s hospitality away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Talk to us

Cara’s friendly Customer Intake and Growth Team is available to answer all your SIL and STA questions.

You can reach them on 08 8347 4588, email at welcome@cara.org.au or complete the online form on our website.

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