Adult Short Term Accommodation (Respite)

Your chance to take a break, relax and have fun.


What will we do?

The choice is up to you!


Board games

Sensory experiences

Watching movies



Going to local events and festivals



Going out for walks or drives, sightseeing

Where can I stay with Cara?

Some of our STA homes for adults are located in:


Northern Adelaide


North-Eastern Adelaide


Eastern Adelaide


South-West Adelaide


Southern Adelaide

Port Augusta

Spencer Gulf

Port Lincoln

Eyre Peninsula


Adelaide Hills





Port Augusta

Port Lincoln



What do Cara's STA houses look like?

Adult STA homes have private bedrooms for each customer, plus a staff room with a desk and a bed. Customers share bathrooms and living spaces with those staying in STA at the same time, which means lots of opportunities for socialising. There are also pleasant outdoor spaces to relax and chat with other customers and Cara staff.

What’s great about STA?

STA is staffed by professional, caring and passionate support workers.

Our support workers are trained to support people with different disabilities. Most importantly, they get to know and understand you as an individual, what you enjoy and what you don’t, so that you have a great time while staying with Cara.  

Your loved ones can relax, knowing that you are safe, well-supported and having fun. 

Let’s work on your NDIS goals

Whether it’s an official NDIS goal or just something you want to achieve personally, Cara staff are here to work with you.

STA is a great opportunity to try new things and work on something you’ve been wanting to do.

How long can you stay?

A couple of nights

A longer holiday

Whenever suits you

A couple of weeks

Regular bookings across the year

Using your NDIS funding

Short Term Accommodation is funded under ‘Core supports’ with the support category ‘Assistance with daily activities’ 


Parent testimonial

“We wish to thank all the staff for the care you have given to June during the past year. When we first left (our loved one), I must say I was worried about leaving her as she has never been away from us before, but from the start she was happy to come to you, which tells us all staff treat her well. We believe you do a great job here. If (our daughter) wasn’t happy we would know.

“She always comes home happy and looking clean (and) this tells us you all take great care of her. Once again, thank you all so much for your dedication and caring.”

Sheila and Bernard, parents, writing in a Christmas card to STA staff

Want to come and stay with STA?

Contact Cara Connect to book your stay with us!

For Adults

Stay in Short Term Accommodation (Respite), take a break at Farm Stay or discover new places with Getaways. 

For Children & Teenagers

Stay in Short Term Accommodation (Respite), explore and adventure on Camps for Kids or spend a day at Kids Club.