Take a break at Farm Stay

Cara’s fully-accessible Adelaide Hills retreat for adults with disability.



Drive through rolling hills and let the city – and your worries – drift away. You’re coming to Farm Stay, a relaxing, rural retreat where you can listen to the birds, watch the sun rise and set and enjoy Cara’s hospitality. It’s respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and your chance to relax and recharge.

Farm Stay is Cara’s purpose-built Short Term Accommodation house in the Adelaide Hills, just outside of Littlehampton.

It’s designed for adults aged 18 and older and up to four people can stay at a time, with room for one Cara staff member to sleep over.

Everything is accessible at Farm Stay

Inside and out, Farm Stay is designed to be easily accessible for people of all abilities.

There are electric hi-lo beds, lifters and accessible baths. The kitchen benches are wheelchair accessible with low power points.

Stroll down the paths and pick herbs and vegetables from the raised garden beds and collect the eggs from the hens living in the Chicken Palace – it’s all accessible.

Meet the Farm Stay animals

Farm Stay is home to a friendly bunch of pets and animals, many of whom have been rescued to live happily with Cara. If you like, you can help to take care of the animals: feeding them, patting them and collecting eggs from the hens!



Demara Sheep

Nancy joined Farm Stay as a little lamb, rescued from the bush by one of our staff. At first we thought she was a baby goat but she’s actually our surprise South African sheep. 




Spud is the latest Farm Stay lamb, found by a staff member’s family and delivered to his new Farm Stay home in a potato box. No prizes for guessing how he got his name! 




Harley, a Giant Flemmish Rabbit, was rescued by the Cara training team when he was running loose near  Cara’s Hindmarsh head office. Now happy at Farm Stay, he loves to hang out on the sofa or stretch out on the heated floor. 




Sonny is a cheerful boy, known for his handsome good-looks, beautiful eyes and endearing nature. Like all alpacas, he is protective by nature and he takes good care of his friend Spud. When Sonny trusts you he’ll take food from your hands. 




Paul is a smiley turtle who used to belong to one of our Possible People. He has moved to Farm Stay where he enjoys swimming in his tank, cruising around the floor and headbutting Harley the rabbit. 




Pepper is one of four Farm Stay budgies – he shares his bird abode with Basil, Poppy and Sage. All of the budgies love to sing beautifully for everyone who visits Farm Stay. 

The Girls

The Girls


The Farm Stay chickens live in the accessible Chicken Palace – complete with red chandelier for the ultimate in henhouse luxury. They keep all of the Farm Stay guests supplied with lovely, fresh eggs and they enjoy feasting on kitchen scraps. 




Alby lives at Farm Stay with his mum, Suzie, and his friend Elvis. All of the goats are really inquisitive and friendly and they love getting hand-fed vegetables. They’ll trot along beside the fence as you walk by them. 

Let's work on goals

Whether it’s an official NDIS goal or just something you want to achieve personally, Cara’s staff are here to work with you.  

STA is a great opportunity to try new things and work on something you’ve been wanting to do. 


How long can you stay?

A couple of nights

A regular booking - set periods across the year

A month or two

A couple of weeks

A longer holiday

What suits you - it's your choice

NDIS Funding

A holiday at Farm Stay is funded under “Core Supports” with the support category “Assistance with daily life”.