Children's Short Term Accommodation (Respite)

Children’s Short Term Accommodation (Respite)

Come and stay with Cara! We have comfortable homes for Short Term Accommodation (formerly, respite) all over Adelaide and in country South Australia.

Children’s STA is available for children and teenagers aged up to 17.


What will we do?

The choice is up to you!



Art & Craft

Singing songs

Learning skills

Practicing independence


Sensory play

Going to the park

Children's short-term accomodation home

Where can I stay with Cara?

Some of our children’s STA homes are located in:

  • Ingle Farm (northern Adelaide)
  • Park Holme (south-western Adelaide)
  • Mount Barker (Adelaide Hills)
  • Port Lincoln (Eyre Peninsula)

What do Cara’s STA houses look like?

Children’s STA have private bedrooms for each customer, plus a staff room with a desk and a bed.

Kids share bathrooms and living spaces with others, who are staying in STA at the same time.

There’s always a fun activity space with plenty of books, games, toys and other resources.

The backyards are secure and swings, play equipment, sports equipment, toys and outdoor games to play with.




How long can you stay?

It’s up to you and your family – it’s your choice.

You might choose one of the below options, or something different. Speak with us to discuss your options. 

The weekend or a couple of nights

You can get dropped off on a Friday afternoon and picked up on Sunday afternoon. 

You’ll sleep in your own bedroom and get to hang out with other kids who are staying at STA and Cara’s fun and energetic staff.

After school

Some children and teenagers come for a couple of hours after school, a couple of times a week.

You can be picked up from school or your regular school transport might be able to drop you to Cara’s STA house. Play some games, have dinner, a bath and get into your pyjamas. Your family can pick you up and take you home.

A longer holiday

You might want to stay with us for a couple of weeks at a time, such as during the school holidays.

While you’re there you’ll have heaps of things to do, fun activities and games to play. You’ll be staying with other kids who are Cara customers and you’ll be supported by Cara’s passionate staff.

Can I still go to school if I’m staying in STA?

Yes you can! If you use taxis to get to school, we can arrange for them to pick you up from Cara’s STA house. Otherwise, Cara staff may be able to drive you to school and pick you up again. Transport to and from school is not included in the STA rates –  see the transport rates in our Schedule of Rates.

Home again, tired and happy

When you stay with STA, you’ll experience a range of indoor and outdoor activities, socialisation with other customers and some quiet time. Our staff are committed to supporting you, to ensure STA is a fun, relaxing experience where you and your family get a great break!

Using your NDIS funding

Short Term Accommodation is funded under ‘core supports’ with the support category ‘assistance with daily life’.


Service Agreements
& RAtes

Understand how much your NDIS supports cost, your terms and conditions and other important information about our services.

Service Agreements

It is a requirement of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) that a Service Agreement between a customer and a provider is in place.

A Service Agreement is made between a customer (or a customer's authorised representative) and Cara. An authorised representative is someone who is the legal decision maker and has been appointed Guardian or Independent Advocate. Cara use Service Agreements to ensure that the responsibilities of Cara and the expectations of the customer are clear and agreed upon.

Schedule of Rates

All costs associated with Cara supports align with the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s (NDIS) pricing review.

Please note: Some of our supports and services may incur an additional out of pocket cost that is not claimable from a customer’s NDIS plan. These costs are typically for entry fees, food and/or beverages.

Interested in our service?

Here's what to do.

Stage 1

Contact the Cara Intake team via telephone on 08 8347 4588, via email or using the online form.

Stage 2

Complete the registration of interest form.

Stage 3

We will evaluate your needs and identify if Cara is the best provider for you.

Stage 4

If we’re the right provider, we will ask you to complete an intake form (this is different to the registration of interest form).


Stage 5

We will assess your funding and start matching you with the right service.

Stage 6

If you’re not eligible for parts of our service, we will connect you with
specialists to get the right documentation.

Stage 7

Once we’ve found the right match, we will provide you and/or your guardian/support coordinator with a Service Agreement or Roster
of Care to review.

Stage 8

When you have returned your signed service agreement and NDIS has given approval, we can start planning and completing your transition to our service.

Why choose Cara?

  • We specialise in providing disability services for adults with severe and multiple disabilities. We are experts at supporting people with complex needs.
  • As one of South Australia’s leading disability providers we have unparalleled depth of knowledge and skills.
  • We have a team of Practice Leaders who are experts in their field and provide guidance on how we can best support you.
  • We have robust quality and safeguarding systems, policies and procedures to ensure you receive the best support.
  • Cara Connect is our unique personalised service for Cara customers, their decision-makers and support coordinators. Think of our Cara Connect Team as your partner for your journey with Cara and the NDIS.