Help customers like Amila experience Short-Term Accommodation stays full of sensory stimulation and joy

Cara’s respite services provide much-needed physical and emotional relief. The promise of regular stints in a respite home offers Cara customers and their families a break. A break from the everyday and a break from each other. Your generous gift to Cara’s respite service can greatly help families like Christine and Amila.

For many with a disability, objects that provide sensory comfort are essential for both regulation and enjoyment, however equipping each of Cara’s 17 respite locations with soft and squeaky toys, musical instruments, gaming devices, bean bags and hammocks, is an expensive task. It’s exactly why we need your help.

Learn how your donation makes a difference to staff like Kylie

Kylie has come to know Amila and his mum, Christine, well over the years. Their close bond as mother and son is a constant reminder to her of the value of respite. “For Amila and Christine, but also all families, I think they need that break,” Kylie said. The provision of toys, musical instruments and balls at each respite service would make the job of Kylie’s team easier, and their customers’ stays more enjoyable.

“A lot of our customers enjoy the sensory things, so just having something like a hammock or a beanbag and some handheld items would be great. It helps them to regulate and to have and enjoyable time in their home away from home.”

“I love being a part of the support network for customers. We’re not just here doing a job. It’s so much more than that.”