Regular Giving

The best and most cost-effective way to support Cara is by becoming a regular giver and committing to donating weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly – the choice is yours! You win because we send you one tax receipt at the end of the financial year. We win because we save money – we don’t send you subsequent appeals because we know we can

rely on you. 

In 2020 Cara celebrates a milestone – 25 years of working alongside children and adults with disability. 

We also celebrate Cara’s growth as we support more people than ever before.   

We know the number of donation requests from other charities is ever increasing.  Perhaps you’ve received a request in the mail, a phone call/text message or even someone approaching you in the street or a shopping centre?  

At Cara, we’re not like the others.  

  • We don’t employ paid charity fundraisers – known colloquially as “charity   muggers”, or “chuggers” – who approach you in the street or at shopping    centres.
  • We don’t pay call centres to ring you, asking for money. 
  • We don’t sell your details.

That means every single dollar we raise goes back into our direct services supporting children and adults with disability and their families. 

You can proudly support Cara’s work, too.  

Any donation, big or small, helps Cara. Your donation can fund arts and crafts materials for use on Kids Club or our Camps for Kids, sensory resources or even entry fees to exhibitions or sports matches for children and adults.  

Donations of $2 and more are tax deductible. Most powerfully of all, you know that your donation is going straight to the people who’ll benefit most – children and adults with disabilities at Cara. Thank you for helping us find possible.