Remembering a loved one with In-memorium donations to Cara

You can make a meaningful tribute to your loved one while also supporting Cara’s continued work with children and adults with disability.

We can assist your family and friends to make a tax deductible donation to Cara in memory of your loved one.

 We will work with the funeral director to ensure donation envelopes are available to those attending the service and if required, a Cara representative can be present (at your discretion).

 Once donations have been returned to Cara, we will provide the family with the names of those people who have made a donation in memory of the life that is being celebrated.

 If you would prefer a donation to Cara in lieu of flowers, you may wish to communicate this in the funeral notice, some suggested wording you could include in the family notice, as follows: 

In lieu of flowers, you are invited to make a donation to Cara Inc, using the envelopes provided at the funeral service or alternatively donations can be made online to Cara at

Please contact us on 08 8347 4588 if you would like to discuss In Memorium donations. 

The Forget-me-not flower is a small but mighty flower. Its choice was revolutionary in representing the visibility and rights of children and adults with disabilities.  

The Forget-me-not is a symbol which recognises Cara’s history and celebrates its independence and future direction of growing stronger. 


, Remembering a loved one with an In-Memorium donation