Cara COVID-19 update on Thursday, March 26

Mar 26, 2020 | News

An update for our Cara Community on how Cara is responding to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Some of this information we’ve already shared but we thought it would be good to set it out in one place.   

Supported Independent Living supports are continuing

Cara has now requested that all non-essential visitors and contractors stop attending our Supported Independent Living (SIL) customers’ homes. We recognise that our SIL customers who rely on Cara’s supports 24/7 are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. We continue to work with customers, their families and other important people so they can maintain their important connections.

 Our high-risk customers have been identified as a priority

Customers who use CPAP, BIPAP, neublisers, atomising machines and who rely on oxygen are particularly at risk from COVID-19. These customers have appropriate supports. We have also reviewed risk assessments.

Most Short Term Accommodation, Home & Community Support and holiday options are suspended

Cara has suspended the majority of our Short Term Accommodation (STA), Home & Community Support (HCS) and holiday options, including Personalised Day Options in Port Lincoln, Kids Club, Camps for Kids and Getaways. Many of these services would be affected by government directions around social distancing. This approach is also to ensure we can continue providing support for our most vulnerable SIL customers who have limited or no outside support. We will continue working with STA and HCS customers with limited or no outside support for as long as possible.  

At Cara, we recognise our work is alongside some of the state’s most vulnerable people. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We have made difficult decisions around suspension early so as to provide as much notice as possible. We hope to be able to recommence our suspended services as soon as possible.  

Cara has a detailed plan on infection prevention and infection control

While no Cara customers or staff have reported testing positive to COVID-19, we have detailed plans in place should a customer or staff member return a positive COVID-19 test.  

All Cara staff have completed updated training on hand hygiene, infection prevention and infection control

This has been delivered through an online course, as well as virtual training sessions from our expert staff.  

 Most office-based staff will be working remotely

This follows government recommendations around social distancing. All of our staff are contactable when working remotely and this is designed to ensure the continuation of important services to support our customers, families and our staff working directly with customers.  

 Communication is key

Our customers and their families and important people have been communicated with by telephone by our Cara Connect team and then followed up with email information. We regularly post information on our Social Media channels and  here on the Cara website

Cara continues to seek supplies of sanitisation and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

These PPE supplies are ordered and distributed by our Procurement team to make sure supplies are available for customers and staff in SIL services. We are continually seeking new sources of these supplies, including hand sanitiser, disinfectant, gloves and masks as the COVID-19 Pandemic changes rapidly.  

If you work in a business or industry that has been suspended, and you have supplies of hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes or other supplies that you are able to donate to Cara, please email  

Cara is recruiting new staff to keep up with demand

Cara is recruiting new staff from related industries, such as teaching and child care, as well as industries which have been suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, including staff from the airline, hospitality and fitness industries. Candidates must pass the relevant clearances and their values must align with Cara’s values. Successful candidates will receive on-the-job training and be supported to obtain their qualifications in Disability. 

See all our current job vacancies and apply online here.

Cara will continue to plan and respond to evolving needs of our customers and staff of Possible People now and in the future.

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